Facts About Executive Protection During COVID in Seattle

executive protection during COVID SeattleHardly any industry is operating exactly the same as it was pre-COVID. The private security industry is no exception. How is executive protection during COVID different? That is, how have procedures changed and how are personnel now operating differently from before?

Social Distancing Enforcement 

Executive security personnel can enforce social distancing rules. This includes patrons maintaining a minimum six-feet distance, wearing masks, sanitizing their hands, etc. Of course, regular staff can perform this function, but visitors may be more inclined to comply when it’s enforced by uniformed security personnel.

Updated Digital Forensics

Cyber-threats have dramatically increased since COVID began. Cyber-criminals know more workplaces are resorting to work-from-home and other remote measures. This means increased online activity, giving more opportunities for hackers to strike. Our digital forensics team is up to date with the latest threat and attack vectors and take proper counter measures.

Maintain Your Business Integrity

Aside from cyber-threats, other forms of hostile intrusion may come in the form of extortion, fraud, and embezzlement. Those with malicious intentions may strike in the middle of a pandemic when the company is understaffed and has its main focus elsewhere. Our team maintains your business integrity by analyzing for possible external and internal threats.

COVID-Conscious Executive Protection

We continue to maintain the same high-quality protection while adhering to COVID protocols. If providing transport, for example, we sanitize and wipe down vehicles beforehand. If providing security consulting to a board of members, we may utilize a bigger conference room or conduct meetings virtually.

Depend on Us for Executive Protection During COVID in Seattle

The coronavirus remains a real risk and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. We adapt to any situation, from a pandemic to a zombie apocalypse. Contact us today at Premier Risk Solutions for executive protection during COVID and whatever lies ahead.

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