How to Improve Situational Awareness in the Seattle Workplace

situational awareness seattleJust because you have an executive protection team on your company’s premises, this doesn’t mean employees have no responsibility when it comes to security. Staff members need to be educated in situational awareness practices to maintain optimal safety at work.

What Is Situational Awareness?

Situational awareness means being aware of your surroundings, including the location, people, and events occurring within your immediate vicinity. The idea is to actively scan for potential threats, wrongdoing and suspicious activity. It’s something all executive security personnel are trained in. Staff members from the CEO to entry-level workers should also receive basic risk assessment training.

Make Situational Awareness a Part of the Onboarding Process

One good way to accomplish this safety measure is by having all new employees undergo a basic situational awareness course as part of their orientation. This includes basic threat assessment, such as identifying criminal activity, harassment, terroristic threats or a possible active shooter situation. Have existing staff take a refresher course every year and update each course based on the current threat climate.

Be an Active Communicator

Emphasize that any suspicious activity should be reported to a higher up or a member of the executive security team immediately. In most companies, the procedure is to report an incident to the supervisor. The supervisor then reports to security personnel, and they handle it from there.

In any case, what’s important is that employees know it’s important to tell someone. The key is knowing not to shrug it off, and believing something suspicious is important enough to share. 

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Situational awareness is everyone’s responsibility. Recognizing and reporting possible threats has never been more important in today’s world. Contact us at Premier Risk Solutions today for workplace violence prevention training from licensed and experienced professionals.

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