Security Changes on the Las Vegas Strip – FOX 5 Interview

Last week I interviewed with FOX5 in Las Vegas and was asked about changes in security on the Vegas Strip. The interview lasted quite a bit longer, but for the segment, they took a few soundbites and the story came out well. My colleague, Evan Levitt, advised that since 9/11, many of the casinos have already been doing quite a bit behind the scenes in working with The Fusion Center and Law Enforcement to identify and interview individuals who may cause concern. Another local colleague, Rich Diaz, has eight bomb dogs currently covering several of the major casinos and event centers. My comments about the first responders and LV Metro PD were left out of the interview, but I will say again that their response on that tragic day was amazing. The Las Vegas community responded quickly and maintains a great support even a few weeks later. I’ll stand by my statement that the Strip is a very safe place to be. Check out the interview here:

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